Two jobs for everything

Little bit of early morning CAD and internet research and I had a plan.

It’s not a full CAD model of the Gull but the green is the seat tops. The beige, Wickes 12mm ply, 1827×607. AKA a sleeping platform

So on the way back from doing a Sunday Morning race in the Laser I called into Wickes to look at this ply. Described as ‘Non-Structural Hardwood Plywood is a versatile non-structural building board with a smooth sanded surface. Designed to resist warping and bending’ The edges all looked free from voids and as an occasional use experiment £23.50 was handed over.

For a while I have toyed with the idea of a sleeping platform in the Octavia. The picture is a bit hard to see but the sheet of ply fits in nicely, I will build a frame to support this. So in classic good design, two jobs from one piece of wood

With the rear seats down and the passenger seat a bit forward the sleeping platform fits nicely

All good in theory what’s it like in practice ?

Looks nice, I’d figured there would be plenty of foot room between the two forward thwarts.

The MK 1 Gull is unique among the many Gull designs in that it’s the only one to have the two thwarts keeping the ‘span’ down to 900mm so 12 ply fine. Weights in at 8kg so probably 10kg with paint.

Few measurements and quartered the ply, then tested

This is lying with head at the stern, in hindsight the other way round would have been better keep weight on the smaller span 600mm

I haven’t finalised exactly where everything will go, the point of doing this now is to understand what extra fittings I might need

First idea store on top of the rear hatch
One sheet could be pulled forward to be a nav table, the other boards also be stowed here.
The boards don’t,without cutouts, fit along the sides of the case but do lie in the bilges, not ideal as the would be wet, muddy and a trip hazard
Simply on to of the side seats seams very practically
The four boards seam very configurable and this could be a cooking option
Final job of the day was to try my canoe buoyancy bag in the bow. It comes up critically higher than the top of the centre board. Will add tie downs.

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