Lots of epoxy

I finally decided on how to store the sleeping boards. Have added too battens each side of the hatch. These not only raise the boards but stiffen the aft tank.

Hatch and battens

The boards will then be lashed to the top of the battens. This not only solves storage but protects the hatch a bit for rear re-boarding.

Have added D ring tie down like used on Ribs etc to the bow tank. These will hold the buoyancy bag nice and low in the compartment

There is a total of 6

Next lots of epoxy work

Have added a layer of glass around the bottom edge of the thwarts to strengthen the bond with the wood reinforcements. Under peel ply and parcel tape. Also I’m filling in the side bench to tank / thwart. There was a gap and the end of the bench has seen better days.

Lots of old fitting holes filled with epoxy / carbon / colloidal silica

Again under peel ply

The top of the rear tank battens got a layer of Kevlar tape to add more stiffness

The rear tank hull joint which I suspected of leaking got a nice fillet of epoxy / colloidal silica and then some new tape.

Yes, more peel ply

The bow tank has now been glued back on, some temporary screws ensure the hight is equal. The small hatch I’d going in the top allowing for internal taping and local reinforcements for the bow fittings.

A good amount of epoxy / colloidal silica was used

Finally little outside job, one side of the trailer had broken and so fixed and reinforced the other side

It looked really smart before all the peel ply. Hopefully even better when finished.

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