Front hatch coaming

Obviously the foredeck has camber and fitting a flat hatch was going to be a challenge. Rather than spending an age on cutting very complex shapes I have fabricated out of 8 pieces. Hopefully they are all a little proud and can be fettled to one planar surface afterwards 🤞

Gluing the second set of coaming parts

Also in the bow area I have added under deck reinforcements for the bow fitting and the fair leads. The hatch is a real bonus in allowing access to these critical parts and gives the ability to throw bolt with further reinforcements.

The Kevlar was pre wetted out and then a coat of resin and colloidal silica used to ensure a good bond and some gap filling

The storing on the sleeping platform also sorted

Deck eyes will be through bolted. Rope will be some nice spliced dyneema
There are two holes in each board and it’s relatively easy to thread each board and secure

Finally lots of sanding and filling of the deck has started, this is not going to be an overkill just enough to be sound and look reasonably OK


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